Wednesday, August 17, 2011

baby blanket ta-da!

it's done! the baby blanket i was working on for my cousin's baby is all done!
i made it up in greens, whites and yellows as my cousin wasn't sure whether she was having a girl or a boy.

don't mind the wrinkliness of the blankie, i was trying to use up wool from my stash (read: bb found my wool stash and has forbidden me to buy any more wool, i'm pretty safe though, he has no idea what i've got in there so wouldn't notice if new balls showed up :D), so everything is in slightly different plys. makes it a bit snugglier i think!

i got it done just in the nick of time too! poppy louise was born at 1pm on the 12th of august!
can't wait to go and visit because she looks ridiculously cute in the photos!!!


Lea said...

It's a beautiful gift Nicole. I love the colours you have chosen too. No doubt it was very well received.

Lyndel said...

blanket turned out great!! and what a lovely name... love it.