Monday, August 15, 2011

a weekend away...

after finding a great deal on here, bb and i booked a little post-birthday weekend escape to lorne.
we've not really spent a lot of time to the west (or the north...) of melbourne as we both grew up in the south east of victoria so it was a good little excuse for some exploration!
ready for some pictures?

eating fish and chips on the foreshore

the view from our room

our complimentary seafood platter (it came with the room! can you believe it!?!) for two, should read, seafood platter for four i think... we gave away our oysters and mussels to an older couple on the table next to us as we don't really eat them.

what was left of said platter...

a book we found in a second hand book shop (where we bought several awesome second hand books, love the character of pre-owned books), it was titled kane's arctic explorations and was published in the 1830's!

trampolining on the foreshore. about a minute and a half after this photo i realised i am actually not as young as i think as my back started hurting something shocking from all the bouncing! poor old thing!

a quick trip on the way home to split point lighthouse. also known as the lighthouse from 'round the twist, have you ever, ever felt like this. as much as i wanted to do the tour, my back was still feeling pretty delicate, perhaps not quite nimble enough for tramping up all of those stairs!

needless to say, i'm about to begin planning our next trip away. it was so refreshing to go somewhere new and make our own memories and get away from all the responsibilities that being at home brings (housework bleurgh!)

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CurlyPops said...

Those bloody trampolines at Lorne are far too tempting for unfit adults. I nearly had a heart attack after having a go about ten years ago!