Wednesday, August 10, 2011


is already flying by!
in fact, we're almost halfway through!!

i'm loving how many gorgeous plants are in bloom at the moment, it's starting to make me realise this winter is nearly over. bring on the sunshine!

now having a quick look back on july...
i didn't quite get the baby blanket done i was planning too, though it is very close... and those presents, didn't even get a look in!
i did however spend a fair few hours thinking about the design wall feature i want to hang above our bed, it will definitely get some hours spent on it this month!

so august, well top of the priority list is getting the baby blankie finished and done. then i really want to concentrate on getting stuff ready to hang for the design wall and maybe even getting it hung! i'm super excited about this as i recently bought a real piece of art, and it definitely needs some hanging space above the bed!
just a small number of goals this month, in the crazy hope i might actually get some of them done!

do you have any august goals?

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Lyndel said...

Daffies! yes, I have 2 opposite my study window already.yay, Spring is on the way. My August goal is to get a week away in NSW with hubby before he sees his surgeon again. Hope to leave next Tues. fingers crossed