Thursday, July 21, 2011

our creative space.

today i'm putting together some bits and pieces for a swap. i mayyyyyyyyyy have missed the date i was supposed to send these bits and pieces by a little bit, but i figure, i still haven't received mine in the post so i'm ok (that's how these swap things work right?)

anywho, the swap item is a mix tape, well a mix cd really... the steps you would need to take to make a mix tape these days are kind of mind-boggling. and well, does anyone really have anything to play a tape on anymore (ok, i do, i ONLY have a tape player in my car, none of this fancy cd or mp3 business for me!)
so i've gotten as far as compiling and burning the cds, a mix of my favourite songs by aussie artists (both my sendees are from overseas), but now i need to make some pretty packaging to send them off in!
wish me luck, i have more than a few supplies to choose from!
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Jill said...

That sounds like a fun swap!
A mix tape sounds much more natural than a mix CD!!
I'm beginning to sound like my granny now - she never stopped calling the radio, the wireless!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Rie said...

I say bring back the tapes! There's nothing like digging out your fav mix tape (that you taped off the radio) and popping it into the car stereo!

Anna said...

Love CD cover making projects! Especially when I'm making them for someone as a present! Hope these will turn out well :) What are your favorite aussie artists?