Friday, July 15, 2011


and a lovely day it has been.
the sun was shining and the boy and i had the entire day off together and we went to see the new harry potter film. have you seen it yet? i did thoroughly enjoy it (even though they can't seem to get everyone's eyes the right colour...)

anywho, i just wanted to quickly let you know about a giveaway that the lovely pip is holding over on her blog! all you need to do to enter is to make a donation to the dry july campaign. easy peasy! you could win a whole bunch of awesome stuff for only $2!!!
now i'm off to have a glass of wine... (just kidding, mostly) and most definitely do some crochet!

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

That's a great idea from Pip, clever girl. If you have to be alcfree for a whole month ya gotta have fun with it, right?! x