Sunday, July 3, 2011


another month has flown by, it's july already. and not just the first, it's already the third!
so having a quick look back on june, i got one out of two of those baby gifts done (still waiting on the baby though ha ha!), i got a small amount of decluttering done (my 'crap' box is a little emptier and my kitchen table is a bit more functional) and my ripple? well tune in tomorrow for some news on that!
i also got lea's blankie done! which i and she were both very happy about! it even got to her safe and sound!

and what're the plans for july?
well i need to actually start (and finish) the project that i was planning on thursday as the baby is due early august (though my cousin is convinced it will be earlier...)
i also have a couple of birthday presents that i need to get done which should be easier as i think i'll actually have days off from work this month! huzzah!
definitely more de-cluttering is needed and i also want to work on a hanging feature for above our bed.

i also have grand intentions to get back in the habit. the habit of taking my lunch to work that is... the amount of money bb and i have been spending buying our lunches recently is honestly embarrassing.
though i didn't take my lunch on friday (well i didn't actually eat lunch, but i did buy a handbag... definitely not saving any money there...), i have had a very productive weekend to prepare for the next couple of weeks.

this is saturdays effort, a tandoori chicken and a malaysian curry, portioned up and in the freezer, ready to be popped in bags and taken to work.
i've been busy today too, adding spaghetti bolognaise and beef chow mein to the freezer as well. my poor little freezer is beyond full but there's more than 2 weeks worth of lunches in there for the two of us!

what're your plans for july? are you getting back in the habit?


Vic said...

I'm very impressed with your cooking & organisation skillz!

I have no "plans" for anything at all this month. It's lovely. ;)

Tessa White said...

I REALLY neeed to do this more...not so much for lunches as they rarely happen but would lobve to get to the end of the day and just defrost dinner!! xx