Wednesday, July 13, 2011

no, thank you!

the lovely lea sent me a little package in the mail, to say thank you for her blankie (despite the fact she made a very generous donation and it was absolutely my pleasure!) and well i'm feeling VERY spoilt!

look at how lovely and lovingly everything is wrapped! brown paper, vintage patterns, wool, twine and even a yo-yo! i was in heaven before i even opened anything!

and well, then i did open everything! soooooo many gorgeous bits and pieces! vintage sheeting pieces, a huge variety of paper envelopes, cute gift-tags, a happy paper garland (it really does make me happy :D), a very pretty note-book (if only i had pretty words to fill it with :( ), lovely decorative tape AAAAAAAAND...

some wonderful fridge magnets. they got their own picture because they've been on our fridge since they came in the door! bb was beyond excited about them!

so thank you lea! such a thoughtful package full of gifts! i am beyond thrilled!!!


Lyndel said...

oh that is lovely, Lea, and thanks for sharing them with us Nicole. and the fridge magnets.. wow much more upmarket than my Whitehorse Council ones.

Tessa White said...

Love those magnets, need to break my clear fear...I am a "putting anything on front of fridge virgin" xx