Wednesday, July 20, 2011

greening up.

i was very happy to be able to spend a couple of hours outside on the weekend (before it started raining that is...) i had just a little job in mind, trimming the few bushes that run along the window at the front of our house. this didn't quite go to plan though and i ended up completely ripping one of the bushes out. i figured i never really liked it anyway and my rose could really use the breathing room!

i then weeded and re-mulched the garden bed. luckily, only then did it start to rain, saving me the trouble of watering all that mulch in!
while we're out in the garden,

check out how much my jasmine has grown since this unfortunate incident. it's absolutely covered in flower buds too! i'm beside myself with anticipation and excitement!

something i'm not excited for though...

tidying up my back yard. every year i seem to let it get to a complete mess. i really want to start getting it tidied up before spring though, that way i can be ready and waiting with spring plantings :D
i've got my fingers crossed for some good weather this weekend as my mum is down and well, many hands make light work!

how is your winter garden looking? do you leave it alone for the winter like me? or are you out there keeping it nice and tidy in all seasons?

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I live in a desert country so just trying to keep my potted plants alive is the task at hand. We travelled to Nepal for 10 days and all the plants on one balcony shriveled up and died. Only the succulents fared well. I do miss seeing green all around me. And rain is something we don't get much of either. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy