Wednesday, September 24, 2014

green love.

it hasn't been a particularly productive week in the garden for me, what with being off holiday-ing and all, so i took myself off outside this morning to get to noticing what's been going on.

i've not been encouraging the kitty to spend too much time in the backyard for the last couple of weeks...

so my spinach has made somewhat of a comeback!
fingers crossed i can continue to keep him away from it, as well as the native possums, and cabbage moths!
c'mon spinach, you can do it!

there is a HEAP of new growth on this little guy...

it might become the drapey overgrown feature that i've been dreaming about MUCH quicker than i had first anticipated.

my broad beans have continued to grow like crazy...

i don't think these are far away from a harvest! eep!

the nasturtium plant that self seeds every year is back to it's usual tricks.

it's filling the space between the fuschia and the tub of lobelia nicely.
i'm hoping it behaves itself and doesn't overtake both!

and finally, the little pots of lavender i shared way back here, have finally taken off!

i grew these little guys from cuttings i 'borrowed' from my neighbours hedge... might need to get back and 'borrow' some more ha ha!

what's been growing in your patch this week? do you grow plants from 'borrowed' cuttings?

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