Wednesday, September 10, 2014

green love.

before the storms rolled in yesterday, i managed to get out into the backyard to find some things to share!
and with spring in the air, there's definitely lots going on!

the cuttings i planted a month or so ago now...

well they're not just sticks in pots any longer!
there's shoots and leaves coming off them all over the place!
i love that a rose bush can go from one massive plant, to one slightly smaller plant, and 14 teeny ones! so awesome!

and my broad beans?

well there's a bit more than just flowers happening now! i'm so excited! i can't wait for them to get nice and big and delicious!

but in saying that, i'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch...
after waxing lyrically about my spinach last week...

#jerkcat struck! he dug up the exact patch where the spinach and rocket was growing to go to the bathroom. GGGAAAAAAAHH!
here i was, silently dreading possum or caterpillar attack, not to know that the real threat was curled up on my feet!
i'm trying to keep the little devil AWAY from what's left, so we still might get a go in another couple of weeks!

after channel surfing on the weekend and coming across gardening australia on abc, and their little feature on pest control, i'm on the offensive for my grape vines.

they ALWAYS get absolutely demolished by caterpillars, so i'm hoping by popping these egg shells around, the moths will lay their eggs on the shells, and not on my poor little grape vines. fingers crossed!

do you have a PEST problem? what's growing in your patch this week?


Lyndel said...

hope after our rain/ hail / storm yesterday afternoon you still have a garden. my fresias were decimated!

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

The weeds have taken over my herb garden but the parsley has survived some how year after year. I must get out there and plant out the vegetables again, Id like to grow some cherry tomatoes this Spring they are the best to have in the garden you can use them in everything from salads to pastas to a sandwich :)