Tuesday, September 16, 2014

sock wool love.

as i mentioned on sunday, i popped into my local yarn store on friday morning to snap up a few bargains in their spring sale!
since bring these beauties home, i haven't been able to get them out of my mind, and if i didn't already have three knitting projects on the go, i'd definitely be casting on with them straight away!
to keep my itchy fingers at bay, while i'm knitting away on my other projects, i've been planning what to do with each of my new purchases. that way, when the time is right, i'll be good to go!

this glorious stuff is destined to become a pair of socks for my mumma, potentially for christmas if i get my shit together quick enough!
i'm hoping to whip up another pair of simple skyp socks for her.
i loved knitting up mine, and i'm hoping they'll be a simple enough pattern for her to like too!

i may have fallen in love with a couple of the colourways in this wool, so this purple came home with me too (i was *this* close to taking home some grey as well...) and i think it will become a pair of sugar maple socks.
again a christmas present, again if i can get it together by then AND if i can get the book the pattern is published in from my local library.
fingers crossed for that one!

and then there is this beauteous creation. i have been um-ing and ah-ing with what to do with this one... i desperately want to turn them into another pair of socks, just for me, but then there's the hitchhiker shawl... but i might save that for the beyooooootiful blue colourway that i left at sunspun. it's been on my brain ever since it was pointed out to me by one of the lovely ladies there, and i definitely think i will be going back for it!
so this lovely skein will become some longjohn socks i think. yep!
just look at the colours though! don't they just scream spring? delicate pink blossoms, new green shoots. so. much. love.

do you make plans for your yarn as you buy it? or do you only buy yarn WITH a plan?


Mistea said...

Enjoy your new yarns. Those colours are gorgeous and there's nothing not to love about the Waikiwi.
Lots of socks in your immediate future.

Megan said...

Love that purple and I bet the grey was gorgeous too! Is that a possum blend being a kiwi yarn? The beanie I've knitted up for Keenan in a possum blend is just the softest thing in the world. I've got a grey possum blend ball waiting for me to do something with but I haven't decided yet. Probably a beanie seeing as that is the latest obsession! Maybe I should try socks though?