Wednesday, September 3, 2014

green love.

with the last few weekends being super lovely weather-wise, i have been getting outside and getting everything tidied up.

i found a stack of red bricks in the back yard, hidden by masses of ivy, and set to turning them into a little retaining wall for one of my front garden beds.

this bed really needs a little wall as mulch always goes EVERYWHERE! partly from wind and rain, but mostly from the local birds, and the local cat.
it should keep everything a bit tidier, but i need to find a few more bricks to finish off the rest of this garden bed, and maybe make a matching one in the other front bed... hopefully i'll be able to find some more...

the most exciting to happen in the last week or so is....

JASMINE! the vine on our front steps has gone ballistic, much to my excitement. leaving the house now takes that few seconds longer as i MUST stop and give a couple of blooms a big whiff. mmmmmmmmm lovely!

i feel like it's only a couple of weeks until we'll be absolutely flooded with spinach. spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner. yahoo!

the rocket, not so much... i think i might need to refresh my stores of rocket seeds... maybe that'll do the trick!

and finally, these little leggy sprouts are flat leaf parsley. i think... a few weeks ago i planted a whole heap of seeds under my green house.

lots and lots of flower seeds that were all out of date, and i think, some parsley seeds too! why do i not label these things? what a goose!

what's growing in your space at the moment? do you forget what you've planted too?

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