Friday, September 5, 2014

taking stock.

taking stock today, thanks to pip's lead. she's an inspiring lady!

Making - bread.
Cooking - sourdough english muffins. i made some during the week and burnt every single one of them. hopefully i'm more observant today.
Drinking - fizzy lemony sodastreams. my folks bought me a fancy new machine for my birthday, and i whipped up some yummy lemon cordial earlier in the week. perfection.
Reading - blog posts. so much lovely in my feed.
Wanting - to get too many things done. too little time!
Looking - forward to the next couple of weeks. good times ahead!
Playing - with the kitty. he's very upset about being locked in the kitchen with me.
Deciding - what to do with the rest of my morning...
Wishing - there were a few more hours in the day.
Enjoying - stopping for a few moments to fill in these prompts.
Waiting - for the plumbers to finish. we're getting a new hot water system today!
Wondering - if i'll make it to work on time today...
Loving - the smell of bread coming out of the oven. it is super delicious!
Pondering - on my knitting plans. lots of ideas. always.
Watching - the west wing. again. it's such a clever show. it makes me feel a bit daft really, the characters are all so witty and smart!
Hoping - this new hot water service means better water pressure. i'm not sure though. all the pipes in this place are pretty shot!
Needing - to put the heater on! it's pretty chilly today and both my front and back doors are wide open. another jumper it is.
Smelling - FREESIAS! they're in bloom and i am swooooooooning!
Wearing - my newest socks. they're amazing.
Following - lots of new folks on instagram thanks to the #pbevent tag.
Thinking - about selling my old vintagey soda stream machine. it looks pretty great but i do NOT have room for it! that's it up there in the photos!
Admiring - the new pompom mag. tres inspiring. the purples are magnificent!
Sorting - out my work presentation for tomorrow morning. i'm a little nervous but mostly excited.
Buying - seeds. i can't wait to get some summery vegies going! Getting - organised! i've started up a blog editorial calendar and hopefully, i'll use it to keep myself on track!
Bookmarking - pages about orchids. i need to learn about them so i don't kill mine!
Giggling - at the west wing. josh and toby's banter is brilliant!
Snacking - on burnt english muffins from last week. they're still pretty good, with lots of butter and a little vegemite. yum!
Coveting - bri's shawl. it's beautiful and SO warm and soft.
Hearing - the plumbers. banging around the house. yelling to one another. have you taken stock too?

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