Tuesday, September 9, 2014

the cure.

the cure for second sock-itis that is...

quite a few months ago now, i finished the first of a pair of too small socks, originally intended for my cousin.

after swatching, and a heap more knitting, i knit her a pair that did fit, but i still had that pesky single sock...
i'm not one to not finish something that i start, so a second sock was always going to happen... but it didn't start to happen until i realised that the socks would fit one of my co-workers! yahoo!

and that cure?

well for me it's keeping this little sock (and the massive cone of wool) in my handbag. that way i can work on the sock on the go! a few rows here and there...
it will be slow going, but it means that it will eventually get done! and i won't hate doing it!!
the pattern is SUPER simple on these socks so this is the perfect way to knit them for me without getting bored ha ha!

how do you go with knitting second socks?

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