Sunday, September 7, 2014

sunday snippets.

playing along with {tinniegirl} and her sunday snippets.

a few pictures, and some words, summing up the week that just was.

blockiiiiiiiiing!! i love using these pins for blocking my projects, they're so fun!

yesterday i put on breakfast at work. healthy and delicious and wayyyyy too much!
also my first crack at slow-cooker porridge. it did not go very well... the slow-cooker and i are not getting on as late...

the plumbers did some renovating in our wardrobe while they were here on friday... super happy with our new hot water service and constant water pressure!

a couple of loaves of bread resting on the bench in the morning light this morning. i think it's going to be another beautiful spring day! pity i will be stuck inside for the most part, boo! might need to go for a little walk after work...
also, how great are instagram filters for blocking out the stacks of dirty dishes you've got happening in the background?! ha ha!

what's been happening in your space this week?

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