Tuesday, September 2, 2014


today i have the day off from work, but i'll still be working hard!
my to-do list is pretty immense today, but i'm taking joy in working my way through it...

getting through this glut of lemons is pretty high on the agenda...

i'm hoping by the end of the day, there'll be lemon cordial, lemon curd and some more preserved lemons decking out the pantry.

and this little cache of onions...

will become a big pot of french onion soup.

this beautiful bloom will find a new home...

just as soon as i do some research about re-potting orchids. i'm not sure why, but i'm really nervous about killing this beautiful orchid that bb bought me for my birthday last month... i just know nothing about them!

as well as these rather lovely things on my to-do list, there's also groceries to be bought, a bathroom to scrub, floors to clean, piles of washing to wash and dry and fold... oh and i have finally got the massive box out of the back of my car.

a productive day ahead for sure!

what's on your to-do list today?

1 comment:

Sally said...

Good luck.

I'm trying to take it easy today. Well as much as my life will let me anyhow :)