Thursday, September 4, 2014

my creative space.

lots of knitting happening this week, nothing new there...

i cast off the scarf i started last week.

it's ended up muuuuuch skinnier than i had originally imagined, i ran out of wool very quickly!
i still kind of like how it's come out though... here's hoping that bb's brother likes it as much as me!

i've also been knitting bits and pieces for the little project i was swatching for on the weekend.

some seaming and some stuffing still needs to happen, but i was pretty happy with how quickly these little bits knit up! i managed all three 'parts' last night at ncb. very good instant gratification knitting!

and the sock i cast on...?

well it's progressing slowly... very slowly...
maybe by christmas?

what are you creating this week? are you a sloooooow knitter? or a super quick knitter? or both like me ha ha!?!

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