Monday, September 15, 2014

meal planning monday.

i have just realised, looking at the week ahead, that it's another busy one for me! best stick to my meal plans when i'm not running all over the place ha ha!

tonight, i'll pop some chicken, tandoori paste and yoghurt together and give it a good old bake. serve it up with a bit of rice and some steamed greens and it should be a great way to start the week!

tuesday night, i'm off to ballet, so i'll throw together some chicken burgers tonight, that way bb can grill them up when he gets home, and i can eat when i'm done dancing.

wednesday night is ncb night. i'll grab something while i'm out, and i'll buy bb a steak to cook up for himself. sounds good.

thursday night, i'm off to ballet again! last week was supposed to be my twice-in-one-week ballet week, but there were some horrific storms in melbourne on tuesday and i sooked out! so it's a make-up class tonight, but before i head off, i'll make up a quick beer batter and fry up some fish. should be lovely with a couple of oven chips and a big lot of salad.

and friday, i'm off for the weekend to hang out with some of my family, for our annual girls weekend away! i'm sure we'll eat super well, and have an absolute ball! and bb, well he can fend for himself ha ha!
i'll be back on sunday, but i can't think that far ahead at this stage, too much fun stuff in the mean time ha ha!

what are you eating this week? any great plans for the weekend?

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Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Silver Threads Of Happiness sent me over to say hi, so HI!
I get excited about seeing others menu plans, it gives me ideas of what to make so thank you!
Ive been having fish every Monday after my partner brought home a freezer full from a fishing trip, so coming up with different ways to cook it has been interesting - pan fried and curry is all I've managed so far!