Monday, September 22, 2014

meal planning monday.

phew what a weekend! i had such a great and fantastic time being away, but i am super grateful that i have today off to re-group, re-centre and get organised for the week ahead.

tonight is bb's birthday! so i'm going to make him a special birthday dinner. most likely of hot dogs. but i still haven't quite decided yet...

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet to start term two of the program! i'll throw together satay chicken in the slow cooker i think... yep, slow cooker. mum brought me down her old one to use so hopefully slow-cooking and i will be getting along again. fingers crossed!

wednesday night, i've got plans for some of the leftover roast pork i've got sitting in the freezer. jamie's pork ragu will do the trick!

thursday night, i'm working late. more slow-cooking if all goes well on tuesday. more chicken i think, but this time, a curry!

friday night, i've strangely got the night off! it's weird when you work the same shifts all the time and then something changes, but i'll take full advantage of the situation and maybe drag bb out for dinner. a nice way to finish out the working week!

saturday is grand final day! i'd say we'll stay in to watch, and snack most of the day while drinking many beers. not exactly the healthiest thing to do, but it should be fun!

and sunday, i'll be after a quiet one. i'm thinking a big pot of curry might need to simmer on the stove for the day, for lunch wraps for the week ahead (note: picture above is of the pork scotch i slow-cooked in the oven the weekend before last and pulled for lunch wraps. it was amazing and provided 12-15 wraps worth of pulled pork! so good!). and maybe a pot of bolognaise could simmer away next to it to re-stock the freezer. perfection!

what are you eating this week? do you follow the afl? what are your plans for grand final day?

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