Monday, September 1, 2014

meal planning monday.

after spending the weekend in the country and with two days off this week, i'm ready and raring to get meal planning this week.

tonight, i'll whip up a chicken pad thai, along with some of the tonnes of pak choi from the garden and a good whack of chilli to help bb shift the cold he's being plagued with at the moment.

for tuesday, bb has requested french onion soup. done and done.

wednesday night is ncb night. i'll grab something there and bb can fend for himself.

thursday night, i'll be back at work so will definitely want a quick easy meal. bolognaise from the freezer will do the trick. i forgot to get it out of the freezer last week, so we had the throw-together pasta dish pictured above.

friday night is the first night of the football finals, or so i've been told. bb has requested something 'junky' and homemade burgers should do the trick! i'll whip up the burgers before i head off to work in the afternoon and bb can cook them up when he gets home.

saturday night, bb can whip up a pizza dough while i'm at work and we can bake them when i get home. perfect!

and sunday, i'm hoping to come home from work to a roast in the oven. a girl can dream right? if i'm in luck, i might whip up some stock with the leftover bones.

what are you eating this week?

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