Sunday, August 31, 2014


is almost here... i'm a day early with this post, but tomorrow is monday, which means it's meal plan day.
being early is ok though ha ha!

after the last couple of sunny weekends, i feel like i've kicked goals outside in my little garden, and am well and truly ready for spring!
i've also managed all of the knitting plans i set myself for august, which i'm pretty happy about! i've even blogged about those finishes ha ha!

crafty plans for this month? i'm hoping to finish up the couple of projects i posted about starting last night, as well as making a start on some leg-warmers for ballet... and hopefully turning the massive cardboard box in the back seat of my car into a little light box, for taking photos of little projects and things. i'm definitely posting about it here for accountability as the box has been in my car for well over a month now! oops!!

on the gardening side of things, i'm hoping to get some summery vegie seeds started in the green house. my tomatoes were really late starting last year, and i'm not making that mistake again!

i'm also hoping to get right back into taking my lunch to work again. in the week just gone, i bought my lunch almost every day and it was the PITS! not only was it super costly, the food wasn't great and most annoyingly, i had to THINK about what i actually wanted to eat. with a half hour break, it's much easier to not have a choice ha ha!
i'm also hoping to make full use of my birthday present from bb...

and get to 10k steps every day in september! lots of walking for this little black duck!

what are your plans for september? do you have a fitbit too? what are your favourite things to take for lunch?

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Megan said...

I only get about 15 minutes for lunch most days and there is no time to go out and buy it (unless I order something from the school canteen) so my lunches tend to be either cheese and tomato or cheese and gherkin on crackers, yoghurt and fruit with a bit of toasted museli in the warmer months and in the colder months, porridge. All very quick and easy things.

Good luck getting your 10k steps every day!