Sunday, August 17, 2014

sunday - day of finishing.

i could rest, but finishing things that are aaaaaaalmost finished is way more fun!

first up, my socks!

i'm so happy that they're done, i LOVE the colour of these babies and have been swooning for the entire month and a bit that i've been knitting them. oh and the month that i was knitting the 3/4 of the first, way too small sock i knit too. seriously.

the wool is beaaaaaautiful! and they (now!!) fit like an absolute glove!

good luck getting these bad boys off my feet at any point tonight. partly because i love them, but mostly because i think it'll be a little chilly tonight in melbourne town!
i nearly froze my butt off taking these pictures. bare legs in august are NOT a great idea!


and now, while i wait for my sourdough muffins to finish their rising, i'll work on finishing the baby blankie i've been working on.
it's not too far off either, woohoo!!

is it wrong that i'm already starting to think of at least another 3 projects i want to cast on, immediately? always thinking of knitting projects ha ha!

what projects are you working on finishing up at the moment? have you made sourdough muffins before?


Lyndel said...

no sourdough but I did manage an apple cake for tomorrow's morning tea, and a huge chunk of the sewing up for the Yarn Corner RMS exhibits.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Great socks. I've not made sourdough muffins before. I love sourdough bread. Do you also need a starter for them? Nice baby blanket, too. I'm always crocheting up small things, nothing big. Best wishes, Tammy

Betsy said...

Beautiful socks! August is such a HOT month here that it's hard for me to imagine it being cold. Love the colors in the baby blanket too. I've never made sourdough anything-it looks too difficult.