Monday, August 11, 2014

meal planning monday.

monday again! last week's meal plan went a little better than the week before, here's hoping we keep the ball rolling...

today, it's my birthday! mum and dad came down to visit and we went out for lunch to celebrate, and i think i'll request delicious thai takeaway for dinner.

tomorrow night, i'll be off to ballet straight from work. so i'm hoping to throw some satay chicken in the slow cooker to come home to. maybe i should get some chicken out of the freezer now actually...

wednesday night, i'll whip up some carbonara. lots of bacon in the fridge that needs using, as well as loooooooots of eggs!

thursday night, i'll grab some pork out of the freezer and throw together a stir-fry. meat, vegies, noodles, some kind of sauce. too easy.

friday night, i'll be working late. osso bucco in the slow cooker should be nice to come home to. yep!

saturday night, i'm working during the day so i think i'll leave bb in charge of the cooking. i feel like all i'll want is a glass of wine ha ha!

sunday, i have my fingers crossed that bb and i will get some cooking and preparation down for the week ahead. the next week will be a major one for me that's for sure!

what are you eating this week?

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Lea said...

That pasta looks great! I hope you enjoyed your bday feasting. Last night we had spag Bol with veggies grated into it(hidden from smalls) and we will use the leftover mince later in the week for tacos or nachos on one of my work days. Our lastest favourite that pleases most of the family is a pulled pork in the slow cooker. The meat comes out so tender and we then use it in a wrap with various salad and sauces. Absolutely delish!