Wednesday, August 6, 2014

green love.

another sunny sunday the weekend just gone means a little bit more time outside, pottering about and getting stuff done and tidied.

the plants that i took down to the farm while i was house-sitting, i brought home with me on sunday.

they all needed new pots, with a bit more room. and now they're quite desperate for a fertilise.
i meant to get out and do that today, but it wasn't the best day healthwise, mentally or physically. all i managed was a tray of these babies, chocolate and achieving something easy and tangible definitely helped things on both counts ha ha!

i managed to kill the fern i had happening in this pot. a combination of getting too hot from the heater, and not enough water were it's downfall i think.

i propagated some ivy from the masses growing on the fence in the backyard though, so i'm hoping that'll get lovely and drapy and tangly and look amazing in this pot.
fingers crossed!

while i was outside, i got to staking my broad beans.

with all of those flowers happening, i feel that there might be a fair bit of weight coming along soon...
again, fingers crossed!

and lastly, some of the seeds i planted last weekend have already started to pop up.

i'm not sure whether these little guys are spinach, or rocket... but it won't be long until it should be clear! now to keep the damned possums away!

what's popping up in your patch at the moment? how do you go keeping ferns alive?

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