Wednesday, September 17, 2014

green love.

we've had heaps of rain in the last week or so, which has meant lots of growth on, well, everything!

the baby broad beans i shared last week, aint so baby anymore!

they've grown heaps! which reminds me, i need to fix my staking of them soon as they're most likely about to get super heavy!!

i've been super happy on my walks around the neighbourhood for the last week or so...

because it is FREESIA season! they are out in force and i LOVE to stop and give them a big whiff. one of my favourite flower smells for sure!

there's another exciting thing poking up out of the ground at the moment...

and that's my little asparagus!
it's still got a ways to go to get established and a bit bigger, but i'll enjoy those pretty ferns for the rest of the year!

and finally, with a bit of time on my hands this morning, i went out and got them dirty!

tomatoes are go! these are under my green house of course, and are still months and months away, but i wanted to get a jump on them sooner rather than later this year. hopefully all goes well!

what's growing in your patch this week? are you a tomato grower? excited about freesias too?

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The Thrifty Fox said...

I have planted asparagus for the first year..I can't wait for the ferny foliage during the summer. I haven't planted any tomatoes yet but am looking forward to getting some seedlings in the ground next month. Freesias remind me of my teenage years when a friends mum grew them commercially in large tunnel houses..going in when they were in flower was amazing. The smell was unlike anything I have experienced before....true bliss!