Friday, September 12, 2014


this was the scene in my loungeroom on tuesday afternoon...

the lightbox that was on the to-do list for the month, is done!
well it's started... it still needs a few tweaks... and maybe some matching lightbulbs so there's not one 'cool' and one 'warm'

it did the job though! it meant that i could snap pics in the stormy light of tuesday afternoon...
and it meant that i've finally popped a beanie into the shop!

it was the only lonely beanie left from the stash that i sent to the beanie festival, and it's up in the shop here.

and speaking of the shop, i loaded this little beauty into the shop a few weeks ago now...

and it's available in the shop here.

are you an etsy shopper? or seller? what contraptions do you use to help with your photos?


CATS ARE SHIT! gaaaaaah! guess what i'm doing on my morning off today? *rageface*

1 comment:

Megan said...

Oh no!! Sampson you naughty boy. You will have to find a cupboard to store your light box in when you get it fixed up.

Your light box look(ed) pretty cool! My photo taking trick is I use the bathroom which has the best light in the house and it just seems to diffuse quite well which is handy. I put an A1 sheet of white card on the benchtop, lying half across the bench and half up the mirror. Great for small things but no good for anything medium - big.