Wednesday, October 1, 2014


surely september was the quickest month ever? i'm feeling a little shell shocked by the speed of this year as a whole to be honest! slow down 2014, there's more to be done with you yet!

i went pretty well on my goals for september i think... the lightbox got made (and destroyed, and fixed again), the scarf is done, the sock, well it's on it's way, and my legwarmers are all done too! yahoo!
there are seeds in the ground, i took my lunch to work for the large majority of the month, but the 10k a day thing? well that was a pretty major fail to be honest. particularly when in the last week, i forgot to put my fitbit on one day, and yesterday, i couldn't even find the thing! oops!!! it's something i definitely want to keep working towards though!

now october, what do you have in store for me?
on the crafty side of things, finishing the red sock is priority one! i want to be done and DONE with those red socks ha ha! i'd also hope that i was finished up with the little granny square blankie project i started the other day (and shared a little about yesterday...) and i also really wanna get started on my sock plans!
on the health front, taking lunch is again, a big priority this month, but will need a little more creativity as we have just lost our kitchen at work! much fewer implements will mean more needs to be done at home, but with all the wonderful spring ingredients coming into season (*cough* check out my broad bean!!), i'm hoping it won't be too hard!
i'm also going to try to get back on the running bandwagon. i have missed it so!! i got out and went for a run monday after work, and despite being still tender 2 days later... i did love it while i was at it! with daylight savings happening over the weekend, it will be so nice to get out and de-stress with a run after work! awesome!

another thing i have considered over the last week or so, is blogtoberfest. i've participated the last few of years (most of my posts are tagged if you want to have a look), but i feel like i don't need the pressure this year. i'm getting into my blogging groove, doing my own thing and i am happy with that!
i'm hoping to still get around and check out the other blogs that are doing it though!

what are your plans for the month ahead? are you participating in blogtoberfest this year?

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is one big broad bean. I don't do well with setting goals or having obligations. I prefer to just take one day at a time. :) Best wishes, Tammy