Tuesday, October 14, 2014


just before the weekend, an excellent thing happened...

two became one. the single, lonely red sock, became a PAIR of socks!
my super fancy new knitting needles were the motivation i needed to get them finished up, and well, that last little bit of sock was a heck of a lot easier to knit with needles that didn't bend at the slightest inkling of pressure. needless to say, my tension was much improved on that home stretch too!

so happy was i to see the back of them, i may have immediately cast on another pair. well after knitting a tension square or two that is...

yep, another two-at-a-time pair! i'm loving this metal circular needle too! the stitches slide so smoothly along!
a lot more so than the interchangeables i'm knitting this pair on in any case...

not too worry though, it's not nearly as difficult to knit with as those silly double pointed needles were (lesson: never buy knitting needles from large chain craft stores)
these beauties haven't grown much (though i did finally flip them in the right way to show off the k1p3 rib pattern, i likeeeeey!) as i have been distracted by the previous purple pair.
though i AM already thinking about casting on the next one too...

you can never have too many socks on the go in socktober though, am i right?
the question will be though, how many can i get finished by the end of the month??

are you a sock knitter? what's the quickest you've ever knitted a sock?


Mistea said...

Ooh lots of pretty socks!
Love the new ones and your finished ones, just in time for these cool mornings.
I've been casting on socks too and trying to finish pairs.

Megan said...

Well done on the finish! Not long til socktober ends now, do you think you'll just continue on for sockvember?