Thursday, October 30, 2014

my creative space.

this week there hasn't been a whole lot going on creativity wise...

just a fairly large amount of this!

i was hoping to get this little gem FINISHED over the weekend. did. not. happen.

the balls i'm working for seem to be never ending, so this has been what i've been up to for the last week...
sometimes accompanied by a cider, or a movie, a big cup of tea or a tv show (i've just finished re-watching the west wing, and started on gilmore girls), or none of those things because i'm in the car!

lots of action for this blanket in any case!

here's hoping i'll have it finished by THIS weekend, as i am SUPER keen to work on something else for a bit!

what have you been working on this week? do you have any balls of wool that just go on forever?

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