Thursday, October 9, 2014

my creative space.

as always, i have a couple of things on the go this week...

i'm working around and around on this little granny square.

the balls of wool i've been using are definitely not as full as they were when i started, and well, it's grooooooowing!
it's nice to see the changes right before my eyes!

i also started a little something... that i was swatching for last week...

a pair of socks! i so LOVE this colour. so SO much!
i couldn't resist not casting on with the wool once i'd finished my swatch... particularly because i'd borrowed this book from my local library and i was desperate to give the technique a go!

it's going quite well, except for the whole not having sufficient time to knit them!

i also kind of wanted distraction from the blasted red sock... i splashed out and purchased a set of decent dpns, in lots of different sizes so that knitting the remainder of the red sock will be a dream. and well, i thought i could start something new while i waited!


my new needles arrived earlier in the week! so now i have no excuses not to finish up that silly red sock quick sticks!

i also may have picked up a couple of extra things from the online store i purchased the dpns from. new supplies to keep knitting my socks two-at-a-time!

what are you creating at the moment? are you a dpn sock knitter? or a magic loop sock knitter?


kgirlknits said...

ooh, nice new needles!!! way to splurge! :P

Lea said...

I adore these socks! Just beautiful.