Wednesday, October 29, 2014

green love.

oops, running a bit late today as it's been a pretty massive one!
i woke up (late, boy did i ever need a sleep in today!) on the farm, and got busy as soon as i could!

mum and i spent the morning planting out some wee green things we'd been growing from seeds...

a little patch of beans which i'm super happy with. i'm thrilled because these little guys came from seeds that i SAVED from our crop last year. yahoo!
definitely need to do some more of that this year!

and these wee fella's have been planted OUT of the garden bed.

we wanted them to have lots of room so that they can ramble and grow as much as they need to. and hopefully grow lots of lovely pumpkins! yum!

as well as beans and pumpkins, we also planted out a whole heap of onions (a bit slower going in than i'd have hoped, oh well!), more seeds (snowpeas, beans, corn, lots of exciting stuff!) aaaaand we were supposed to plant out tomatoes too, though we ran out of time!

i feel like we really worked hard, but there was someone working harder than us...

good bees!
now if we can save some of the fruit this little guy is helping to make from the birds, it'll be a good year!

what's growing in your patch today? did you get out and catch some sun?


Betsy said...

It's so strange to read about your small plants and warming world. Ours is going the opposite direction. We're just beginning to light fires in the morning and getting out the warm sweaters.

The Thrifty Fox said...

Wow that is so special to grow vege from saved seeds! How exciting. Gardening is such satisfying work. Good for the soul