Monday, October 20, 2014

meal planning monday.

after my amazing dinner on friday night (evidence below ha ha) i'm feeling pretty inspired to get some good grub going!

bb and i roasted a chicken last night for dinner, and i whacked the carcass straight into my slow cooker with some braised onions and carrots and fresh herbs from the garden. lots of chicken stock inspiration happening. and by that i mean soup. mainly because there's fresh chicken stock, but also to use up the vegies that are in the fridge.

tonight, i'll throw together one of bb's faves, curried carrot soup.

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet, so soup will be on the menu again, potato and leek this time, and the slow cooker will do the hard yards while we're at work!

wednesday night, i'll mix it up a bit, not soup! meatballs instead! i'll pack up the red sauce with broad beans and spinach though. must get through those vegies!

thursday night, i'm working late! i'll set bb up with a nice steak, and i'll have something in my break at work. it's always so hard to know when to eat when i'm working late...

because i'm working thursday night this week, i've got friday night off! woop woop! i'm thinking it would be nice to head out for dinner. and i'm trying to convince bb that the best option is brothl... eating there once a week isn't too much right? ha ha!

saturday, i'm intending to head out in the morning to a farmer's market! i want to stock the fridge up with beautiful seasonal produce to get me inspired for the week ahead! but also to get me inspired for dinner on saturday... and maybe sunday too ha ha!

what are you eating this week? have you eaten at brothl? did you like it? what's your favourite farmers market?

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