Monday, October 13, 2014

meal planning monday.

whew what a gigantic week! and a busy day off for me yesterday! i'm a bit pooped, so i'll be relying on this little meal plan to keep me motivated ha ha!

tonight, i've got a fresh lamb rack in the fridge ready to go in the oven to get roasty with lots of fresh vegies. should be delicious!

tomorrow night i'm off to ballet, pretty much straight from work. better pop a chicken curry in the slow cooker before i leave for work.

wednesday night, is ncb night. i'll grab something while i'm there and bb, as ever, will be fending for himself!

thursday night, i'll grab some of the tonnes of leftover roast pork that's in the freezer, and whip up a pork ragu to go with some pasta. perfect!

friday night, i'm heading into the city to check out the finders keepers market with a friend. we'll grab something for dinner while we're in there. there are about 228041984 places i'm keen to try in the city, so i'm sure we'll find something great!

saturday, bb and i are heading out to celebrate his mama's birthday! two nights out in a row, i won't even know myself!
so we'd better cook up a good old roast sunday night, get us back in the home cooking state of mind! maybe i'll break out the preserved lemons i whipped up months ago...

what are you eating this week? plans to head to finders keepers?

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