Wednesday, October 8, 2014

green love.

after posting my goals for the month last week, i've got lots of garden progress to show this week!

there are lots of things happening with my berries.

flowers and baby berries on my strawberry plants.

fresh leaves on my blueberry.
i was starting to get a bit worried about this guy, so i'm very happy to see this little bit of greenery.

and my raspberries?

well they're up to their old tricks and have just about taken over everything in this planter box! my poor little grapevines!

there's also quite a bit happening under my greenhouse too...

lots of teeny tiny tomato seedlings have popped up and i am THRILLED!
i'm projecting forward quite a bit to the end of summer, lots of juicy delicious tomatoes. well they're quite a ways off yet!
and don't worry, i gave them a good drink after i snapped this pic, they were looking super dry!

and also...

there's one lonely little pumpkin too!
once this little guy gets a little bit bigger, he'll be heading down to the farm as i don't have room for it here! but i do have room in my life for fresh, homegrown pumpkins!
and there i go counting my chicken before they're even close to hatching! oops!!

do you forecast your crops before they're even in the ground too? what's growing in your patch this week?

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