Sunday, October 12, 2014

sunday snippets.

playing along with {tinniegirl} and her sunday snippets.

a few pictures, and some words, summing up the week that just was.

i am so proud of this little bay tree with all it's new growth in the last couple of weeks.
just a little bigger before i start picking leaves for cooking i think. want to let it get nice and established first... and i should get through all of the store bought ones i have too i guess!

there's been lots of these kitty hugs happening lately.

sampson has been extra snuggly at the moment. particularly in the morning, normally just as i should be getting up and out of bed ha ha!

and these lily whites got their first showing of the season today.

this is about as tanned as i ever get. so you all better keep your sunnies on ok?

i've had a pretty massive week at work this week, so there haven't been a lot of pictures snapped to be honest... not ones that i haven't already posted here that is ha ha!
so instead of sharing lots of pictures, i thought i'd share a couple of cool things i'm liking at the moment too...

first up, lexi of pottymouth mama, is doing her annual frocktoberfest gig, to raise much needed cash for ovarian cancer research. it is somewhat of a silent killer, with no simple screening tests available, meaning that often it's not caught until it's too late!
there are lots of ways to donate, either by making a donation here, or there is this lovely shop partnering up with lexi to help raise funds, by donating a percentage of their sales for the whole month!
pop over and visit lexi to check out all her frocking antics, and sponsor her if you can!

i've also started reading the coletterie blog recently, and i am LOVING the round up post that sarai pens every friday. i find myself clicking most of the links as they're all so interesting to read! very cool!

ok, maybe i have one last photo...

this little guy popped out to say hello earlier today when i was moving my pots around. cute. potentially annoying and destructive, but cute ha ha!

what's happening on your sunday? what's something awesome you've read this week?

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