Monday, October 6, 2014

meal planning monday.

how thankful i am to see this monday. it has been a long, long, LONG weekend of working while headachey, and i am grateful to have woken up this morning with a slightly clearer head and even a wee bit of energy to boot!
today will primarily be a watch movies and crochet day i think, but i'm also intending to get into the kitchen and get some preparing done for dinners this week, making things easier on the night!

tonight, i'll whip up some meatballs! we haven't had them in a while and they're so easy and delicious!

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet, so i'll pop a fish curry in the slow cooker.

wednesday, bb has requested thai chicken noodle salad, so i'll throw that together. i'll poach the chicken today to have it organised, then all i need to do is clean and pick the salad leaves and cook the noodles. should be simple!

thursday, i'll grab some fresh lamb. maybe some cutlets? i've got a hankering! lots of fresh vegies with them should do the trick.

friday night, i'll be at work late. there's some bolognaise in the freezer, so i'll cook up some pasta before i leave and have it ready to heat and eat when bb and i get home! simple!

i'll leave saturday up to bb to organise, as i'll be working. can't wait to see what he whips up!

and sunday, well i'm hoping it will be another big cook up day, after a big shopping day. the freezer is quite bare at the moment!

what are you eating this week?

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