Saturday, November 1, 2014


helloooooooooo november. if you could hang around a bit longer than the previous month, that would be REALLY great!
october was pretty freaking manic around here, work-wise and at home too, with the same old story; too much to get done, not enough time!

my goals for october were pretty simple, so i managed to get most of them knocked over quite easily!
the dreaded final red sock is done! my sock plans are slowly on their way, i feel like i've gotten heaps done in the greenery stakes aaaaaaaaaand...

the crocheted blankie i was whinging about not having finished on thursday, it's all done too!
AND up in my shop already as well!

and now, november... i've got a couple of kris kringle presents to work on. and i'd love to finish up my sock plans.
i'd also love to actually get running this month, i haven't pulled on my runners since BEFORE last month. can't believe it's been so long.

what are your plans for this month? are you making some gifts for christmas too?

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Michelle said...

Ah goals and plans! I remember what they are! Possibly I should work on some of my own.

And yes November needs to be SLOW! mainly because I am on holidays in November and I don't want it to hurry along!