Monday, November 10, 2014

meal planning monday.

whew! what a week! it's been a relatively big one (not that i see them getting any smaller, in the lead up to the end of the year...) and a pretty massive day today too!
i'm literally sitting down to dinner while i get my meal plan on! right now! and here's a picture for you...

pesto pasta! and a cider. did i mention it's been a big day?
anywho, down to business!

tonight, well i'm having the above...

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet! i had the night off last week and i feel super strange about it to be honest. back on the bandwagon this week though... and if i drag myself outta bed early enough, there'll be satay chicken in the slow cooker for sure! if not, well leftovers i guess!

wednesday night is ncb night this week! totally stoked as i missed last fortnights as i had spent the day at mum and dad's and needed a night at home. not this week! i'll grab something there, and bb, well those aforementioned leftovers may still be there...

thursday night, i'll grab some pork fillet out of the freezer, and whip up some kind of asian pork noodle stir-fry concoction. hopefully it's not terrible ha ha.

friday night, i'll be working late so i'll leave bb up to his own devices... and i'll have something in my break at work. must try to stop being ravenous when i finish at 9!

saturday, i'm heading out to help an awesome lady celebrate turning a special age. i'll definitely be grabbing something in town, as well as a few celebratory drinkie poos!

sunday, i may well be nursing a sore head, so a slooooooow day will be in order. hopefully with a wee roast chicken for dinner? a girl can dream right?

what are you eating this week? is your lead up to the end of the year getting a bit hectic already too?

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