Monday, November 3, 2014

meal planning monday.

last week, i managed to get through the large majority of the vegie box we picked up and everything was so yummy! i've got another to get through this week and i am super excited to get cracking!

tonight, we had steak. and lotsa salad on the side.

tomorrow night, there's a big ol' leg of pork in the fridge, ready to slow cook all day (partly because it'll be amazing slow cooked, but mostly because my oven is still a bit dead). delish!

wednesday night, i've organised to head out to dinner to catch up with some friends. it's been an AGE and i am very much looking forward to it!

thursday night, i'll be solo dinnering. i'd say i'll probably just end up cooking up a big lot of veggies as we'll still have plenty. doesn't sound so exciting but i'm sure it'll be delicious!

friday night, i'm working late. we had a heap of leftovers in the fridge by friday last week so i never ended up throwing together the satay chicken i'd planned to. this week, it's happening!

saturday, i'm working! and we have country plans on sunday, so i'm hoping to head down saturday night to get a jump on things in the morning. that means i have literally no idea what we'll be eating ha ha!
time will tell i guess.

what are your food plans for the week ahead? plans to catch up with friends?

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