Monday, November 24, 2014

meal planning monday.

so last week, i wrote my meal plan, and that's about as far as it went. there was a lot of toast for dinner last week...

hopefully this week will be a little more successful...

tonight, i have no idea what time bb will be home from work (massive week for him this week!), so i grabbed some bolognaise out of the freezer. i'll cook up some pasta. easy.

tomorrow night, i'll throw together a curry. chicken, vegies, rice, again EASY!

wednesday night, it's ncb night! huzzah! i'll grab something while i'm out and bb can fend for himself. and by that i mean he can have leftovers ha ha!

thursday night, i'll cook up the kangaroo burgers that are in the fridge. soft squishy buns and a whole lotta salad and they should be out of this world. yum!

friday night, i'm off to the country, we're having a family christmas party with close family friends nice AND early and WAY before christmas. it's not until saturday night, but i'm making a bit of a weekend of it and heading down early. i'm so looking forward to it!

what are you eating this week? do you get any of your holiday celebrations out of the way early?

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