Monday, November 17, 2014

meal planning monday.

monday again already? how do these weeks keep getting quicker? seriously?
i had a mild conniption at work over the weekend, when i realised it was LESS than 6 weeks til christmas! how?!?

anywho, i'll just keep on, keeping on over here, with my meal plans every week and about 12837094 unwritten blog posts in my head. i had plans for posts every day last week, EVERY day! life got in the way a bit though...

tonight, chorizo and pea risotto is on the menu. and it's baked! no stirring required AND uses up ingredients i already have in the pantry. winning!

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet! satay chicken will once again be happening in the slow cooker because it's super quick and easy to prepare and i know it tastes amazing!
i've got a little plan happening in my brain, to tackle the sometimes strenuous amount of preparation that goes into a slow-cooker dish (the stuff i don't have time for in the mornings before work)... but i'll keep you posted on it. fingers crossed it pans out!

wednesday night, i think i'll throw together a caesar salad as i got a big beautiful cos lettuce in my vegie box this week. haven't had a caesar salad in years!

thursday night, i'm working late! i failed miserably at not eating when i got home from work last week, so this week, i think i'll at least slow cook something to come home to... osso bucco. sounds good!

friday night, i'm hoping to meet bb in the city so we can head out and check this out! hopefully it's a decent night!

i'm NOT working this weekend, and thankfully, we don't have a huge amount of plans! i'm hoping to chill out at home to be honest. get some cooking done, and some gardening... there's lots on my to-do list!

what are you eating this week? what's on your weekend to-do list?

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