Sunday, September 28, 2014

sunday snippets.

playing along with {tinniegirl} and her sunday snippets.

a few pictures, and some words, summing up the week that just was.

the lemon meringue pie i made for bb for his birthday didn't want to come out of the tin...
it still tasted super delicious though!

lots of kitty snugs happening this weekend.
i was super happy as he woke us up at 5:45 friday morning (which was fine as we needed to be up and moving) and then 8:30 yesterday morning (yay! sleep in!).
this morning though, 5:15. #jerkcat strikes again!

i've been doing a little bit of experimenting with my bread baking.
and i'm loving it!

and finally, sampson met a friend this week!
i think we have new neighbours, as i've never seen this little kitty before.
they're a little unsure of one another, but i'm hoping they'll become good friends!

what's your week look like? been doing any baking?

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Michelle said...

No baking except for a ginormous potato bake for the freezer, and lots of late evening work, sewing and sorting! it's been a good week! except for the late evenings at work ...