Tuesday, October 8, 2013

this and that.

last night, i put the finishing touches on this month's woodland sampler piece. it tends to be the very first crafty thing i want to get my finished every month!

each month's piece is just so damn cute!
every month, i seem to make some kind of ridiculous and catastrophic mistake. last month, i think i managed to get it done without a mistake! but i made up for it this month...
one of the clouds is completely off by one stitch. oh well, i think i fudged it enough so you can't notice.

saturday night, i was in need of a bit of an on-the-go project so i shoved a couple of balls into a bag and made a start on this!
it's coming along nicely...

i worked on it a little more today, to and from my study group this morning... and then a little more after dinner, when i was completely brain dead from over-study!
i finished up an assignment today and made a little list of what i still had left to-do.

the results were a little overwhelming...
i thought i had my count right last week, but NOW i have 11 assessment tasks to go! with less than 5 weeks to go! eep!!!
thankfully, after i wrote this list, and recovered from my minor panic attack, i got to work on another assignment and it's nearly done! phew!

what have you been up to today? have you started anything new recently? do you cross-stitch? or procrastilist?

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Megan said...

I've finally made it over from instagram to your blog to check out the bigger progress shot of the woodland sampler and wow, it really looks amazing!! Cross stitch is pretty forgiving about mistakes I think, it is often easy to hide and things like being one stitch across further than you should be is my way of unconsciously adding uniqueness. That is what I tell myself anyhow!