Friday, October 18, 2013

pesto is the besto.

i've had pesto on my mind the last couple of weeks... bb and i have been working our way through some bought stuff, that we accidentally over bought (we couldn't remember if we already had some, and bought more while grocery shopping, more than once!)
with every jar that we emptied, it was washed and put away in a cupboard, and i said to myself and out loud, 'you'll be full again soon, full of homegrown, homemade pesto'.
my seemingly absolute inability to grow basil or rocket had been playing on my mind though... that is until i heard someone on the interwebs talking about nasturtium pesto...
nasturtium is something that grows like an absolute weed in my front garden AND in one of my parent's gardens too!
at first, i was a bit weirded out by the thought... mainly because nasturtium isn't one of the most popular pesto ingredients. but the more i thought about it, the more i thought it would work! it's peppery, just like rocket, and combined with some salty fetta and creamy pine nuts, i thought i'd definitely be onto a winner!

i used what i'd learnt from the couple of times i've made this rocket pesto recipe and quantities i had available to me.

nasturtium pesto

a bowlful of nasturtium (i used about 60g once it'd ben washed and spun dry)
40g pine nuts
60g fetta
parmesan, grated in to taste
plenty of olive oil

pop all of the ingredients (not the olive oil) into a food processor and set to whizzing it up
slowly drizzle the olive oil into the food processor until the mixture gets a nice fluidity to it
give it a taste, and then grate in some parmesan until it has enough zing

it's pretty easy to make huh?
i served it up for dinner with some spaghetti, some roasted tomatoes and some more fetta.

have you ever made nasturtium pesto? do you have lots of nasturtium growing too?


Sally said...

Pesto ... of the basil variety is one of my favourites.

The kiddos recently planted nasturtiums so this will be added to the must try list for sure...

Ana BC said...

That looks yummy! made me hungry...

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I assume it must have been good. No nasturium growing here. I usually over buy on pesto, too. :) Best wishes, Tammy