Wednesday, October 30, 2013

green love.

there hasn't been a lot of sun shining around here this week, but that doesn't mean things aren't growing!
the plants know it's spring, even if the weather doesn't!

my beetroots have grown a whole heap!

they're standing up big and strong. i'm ignoring the fact that the other baby one seems to have gone missing. and that my carrots have been savaged...
i'd love to blame the native wildlife but a certain cat slunk into the house with some very dirty paws this morning. (there's a reason almost every photo of him is hashtagged #jerkcat on instagram)

the flat leaf parsley seedlings that were on my windowsill last week have found a new home.

i took this mostly overcast weather as a chance to harden them off outside, i'm just keeping everything crossed that there's not a frost in the next couple of days!

i'm checking my strawberry pots and planter box on a daily basis at the moment.

i'm almost holding my breath waiting for all of the lovely berries hanging around to ripen!

the same could be said for these lovelies too!

my blueberry didn't fair too well last year (to be fair, i only planted it last year...) so i'm hoping to get at least a couple of berries from it this year.

and finally... this little beauty has been making our showers a little bit nicer the last week or so with it's gorgeous blooms.

it is quite literally IN our shower and it's a really nice thing to have a bit of greenery in there!

what's growing at your place this week? are you getting into the swing of spring?

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