Sunday, October 20, 2013

country fun.

oopsie daisies! yesterday was the first day so far this month i didn't get around to writing a blog post...
i think i'd done pretty good to make it this far ;P and i'm not going to apologise for it because yesterday i was way too busy having fun!!

bb and i jumped in the car to visit my parents. so there's been lots of petting of decrepit kitties. poor old things.

mum and i spent a sizeable amount of time out pottering in the garden too...
i brought down my tomato seedlings and now they're all re-potted into bigger pots with manure so they'll grow up big and strong!

everything is sitting on mum's sunny windowsill in the garage at the moment. we don't need a greenhouse when we have windowsills :D

i'm trying to convince mum that we should put together a compost heap, so that she can re-fill her garden beds with homemade stuff rather than having to buy it and we kind of decided on a place.
i took out the shovel and started moving a bit of the (10 years worth!!) chook poop from the chook house onto the compost pile.
then i discovered there was a concrete slab floor in there, for about half of the floor... so naturally i cleared off the several inches of chook poop so you could see it!
mum and dad are chook-less at the moment, so my intention is to get this little house absolutely sparkling for the new arrivals, and to keep it that way when they're here!

after getting all gross and sweaty shoveling all that chook poop, i jumped in the shower, and when i'd jumped out, my brother had arrived!
cue cider and crochet on the grass in the sunshine.
this was followed by dinner out at the local pub AND an engagement party for a family friend.

a pretty fantastic saturday if i do say so myself!

what are you up to this weekend? hope you've had a chance to soak up some sunshine!


Megan said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend to me! I too went to visit parentals - my man's. I also spent time with a very old moggie, had a family birthday dinner, did some knitting and went to the town's agricultural show. Country weekends are good ones!

eaart said...

A compost pile is the best for your plants, but take s awhile to "cook", you should try lasagna gardening it works really well too.

Keep having fun and blog about it!:)