Thursday, October 31, 2013

and pouffe!

there it is!

terrible pun! i'm sorry!
but my knitted pouffe is done! well mostly... i knitted up the outside and then had to make a new insert as i didn't knit the cover big enough to fit over the original pouffe i had.
but the insert i sewed up is too small! i thought i'd taken seam allowance into account but i most definitely HAD NOT!

it's far too small so i will definitely have to pull it all apart and rethink my approach a little...

oh and i might have to crochet a little circle to sit over the gaping holes in the top and bottom too. maybe winging it with these things isn't SUCH a great idea, who would have thought?

today is the last day of blogtoberfest and honestly i feel as though it's absolutely flown! i've still got reserve posts in my brain, just in case i ran out of things to blog about... but i didn't! just the time and energy to get things written on two occasions ;)
i might try and see how long i can keep up this momentum though, wish me luck?
big thanks to shells in the bush for being the hostess with the mostess this year.

did you participate in blogtoberfest this year? how did you go? did you keep your goals? did you blog every day? do you make patterns for projects up as you go and end up with more work than you first anticipated too?

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