Monday, October 21, 2013

meal planning monday.

mondays seem to be coming around quicker and quicker every week! can this year slow down a bit already please??

tonight, homemade pizzas are on the menu! i'll defrost some of the pizza dough that's been left over from the last couple of times we've had homemade pizzas, so i won't even have to make dough! huzzah!

tomorrow night, i'll put together this recipe, with some lamb chops that i picked up last weekend. should be delicious and most importantly, quick :D

wednesday night is ncb night this week so i'll grab something while i'm there. the photo above, is the eggplant chips i had last fortnight! they were pretty scrumptious!

thursday night, the plan is to whip up some thai fish burgers (Sfi November '08 pg. 38). i've never had anything like them so hopefully they turn out ok!

friday and saturday nights, i have no idea what i'll be having for dinner as i'm heading off to the craft sessions! i am beside myself with excitement and i'm not going to lie, i've actually already started packing...

hopefully bb will be able to put together a roast for the two of us for dinner on sunday night. i'm imagining that i am going to be absolutely exhaustipated from all of the crafty adventures i've had all weekend and definitely not in the mood to cook!

what are your dinner plans this week? are you coming along to the craft sessions too?


Reanna Clark said...

Oh eggplant chips, I've never had them before! They sound delicious though.
I've made some thai fish cakes burgers (or something very similar) before, and they were pretty great. Something different anyway!
A weekend away sounds great! I'm dying for a getaway right now haha.

Jennifer Hays said...

All of your meals sound delicious but the eggplant chips have piqued my curiosity. I love fried zucchini and I would imagine this is similar. They sound so good!