Sunday, October 6, 2013

to market, to market.

last sunday, i jumped in the car with my cousin, and we took a bit of a round about route (picking up an auntie and another cousin too) to get to the kongwak market.

i've written about this wonderous place before, and it's a place i love to visit while i'm down that way!

there were lots and LOTS of plants this time, being spring i guess. there was also some delicious looking produce that i'm kicking myself i didn't bring home!

and then there were the vintage goods... be still my beating heart.
i spent quite a bit of time in this little section, picking over all of the little bits and pieces,

and then there were these vintage specs! the glasses nerd in me only barely walked away without a pair... i already have FOUR pairs of vintage specs at home that i bought from this lady, just realised i've never shared them... maybe a bit later in the week!

THIS little gem was super special!
a vintage ice chest, in working order!
how cool is it? i think i might need to convince my mum to buy it, it'd look great in the pool room (not even kidding, they have a pool room ;D)

have you ever been to the kongwak market? do you have a favourite market you like to visit?


Dee said...

Oh My Vintage Goodness !!!
That ice chest.....! Love that your parents have a pool room, just like mine !
Happy Sunday, Dee

Polly said...

I do love a good market, those ones seem fabulous!

AnnaPrasad said...

Oh that does look like a great market. I LOVE the plants. Visiting for Blogtoberfest (

Karen said...

I have heard of this one - and that it's a goodie! Might have to load the kids in the car and take a trip one day...