Wednesday, October 16, 2013

green love.

after the alternating sun/rain/sun/rain we've had this week, there's been LOTS more growth in my garden!
i really love doing these posts as a bit of a journal, i can see how much things have grown in how long by looking over the last posts... it's awesome :D

my bay tree has lots of new growth on it at the moment.

i need to make sure i keep an eye on it though, something had a good munch on it last year and i'm not sure that it really liked it! for a while there, i thought it might die actually!
glad it's stuck around :D

this plant that i picked up last year, seems to really like where it is.

there's been heaps of new growth on it too AND it's in flower again! tis super beautiful to look at :D
it's another plant that lives under the eaves though, so i need to make sure i keep the water up to it!

another thing i'm SUPER excited about, is the buds and berries on this little beauty...

my cherry tree!
a present from my 18th, i've yet to taste a single cherry from it!
this will be the year though! i'm heading down to my parent's place this weekend and i've measured the total span of it's branches and i'm intending to whip up a frame to hold some bird netting! i WILL eat a cherry from this tree this year ;)

what's growing in your garden at the moment? do birds eat all of your fruits too?

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becclebee said...

I love hanging out in the garden and growing things! Yours looks lovely and yay! for cherry trees! Here's hoping you get to eat some cherries this year. I'm a big grow to eat type gardener, and its so disappointing when you don't get to do the eating...